From the recording Born Outside EP

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Suck on that dick baby gobble and swallow it
I got the drip they gon' copy and follow it
Got so much drip, nigga I should just bottle it
Glock on my hip for a nigga that's bothering
Come get yo thot
Told me her nigga named Broderick
This thot on my cock and she really won't stop
I said fuck it bae come hop on top of it
Mashing the gas I'm not stopping it
No looking back, I see 12 and they following
Counting my cash only stop to deposit it
Foe dropped the Act and forgot to put pop in it
Who the fuck brought these white bitches
They in here popping Klonopin
Why the fuck they got a lot of it
Who the fuck brought the whiteclaw in here
I'm on a cloud, the weed is too loud
Me and the joint had an argument
Got into it with my bitch
And she had the screenshots on a document
Bitch so bad had to follow it
Should've slid in on anonymous
New botox call her frogger lip
Ass so fat, I can stand on top of it
On the west end but my bitch from the east
Start the car ain't no need for a key
Gimme that brain like you got a degree
I want it now baby get on your knees
I want it now baby don't be a tease
Bitches be falling like autumn I leave
Everyday wake up and hop to the cheese
I can't wake up cuz my life is a dream
Beep beep switch lanes in the SRT
Rather be sleep than to be at the party
Whip out the gas and they said who's farting
Reaching out his hand like Good Luck Charlie
Well, I'm sorry
Coughing up a lung and I'm smoking like a marley
Top rope Jeff Hardy
Choke a bitch out then call her My Darling
Imma chill out cuz this ballin' is new to you
Gotta stay true with you
Talking to God cuz these niggas be super fu
That shit is super rude
God hit me back like it's only a few of you
No more than two of you
Keep running it up until they get through with you
And bring your whole crew with you
I got the codes I can tutor you
Blow out her back in the back of a Subaru
Don't wanna dap cuz lil bro I'm not cool with you
He wanna cap then the mac will go dudadu
Think it's an act then come see what we do to you
Better get back 'fore my slatt knock his noodle loose
Make that boy dance like he using a hulu hoop
Get yo ass back here lil boy I ain't through with you
Haha... RAGE